Sunday Morning Spankings

On Sunday morning we both got our backsides reddened.  My spanking was a simple matter of routine maintenance, C’s for some something more serious.Without going into details, we both managed to do something last week that we’re not proud of.  The root cause was going to the pub far too late and often.   Trying to drink less and go to the pub less is one of our top goals.  Add to that the fact that we didn’t do any planning and therefore ended up getting nothing done.  That strikes at the core of our regime and therefore deserves a punishment.

C really doesn’t like getting spanked, so I’m usually very gentle with her, both in my choice of implement and number of strokes.  As time was short I decided on a single stroke that would made her ears burn with Katie the black leather slapper.   I made C position herself on the bed with her ass in the air and her back arched.   I took carefull aim and delivered a stroke right at the bottom of the offered cheeks.  A slight crack followed by an ear-piercing shreak suggested that it connected and got the message over.

C was almost in tears and trying to both hop around the bed and stay still at the same time when I held her and we hugged.  She agrees we both did wrong and a just punishment was in order.  The matter is now closed and the deterrent is there to keep us both on the straight and narrow.   There’s a nice memento of the occasion that C can look back on and remember the week when we let ourselves down.

In our defence we have one word of explanation – Canada – we met a very nice Canadian couple who and insisted on buying us drinks.  We, not wanting to be outdone on the hospitality stakes on our own patch, reciprocated.  From that point onwards there was only ever going to be one messy outcome.  That was just one night, for the others there is no defence.

One sore bottom later, it was C’s turn to administer a maintenance spanking. It was at that point I thought – oops, maybe I should have offered up my bum first.  As C found my positioning of her so effective she thought that she would use it too.  Six brisk stokes were delivered all to the lower of my cheeks and some tingling the sensitive bit where leg meets cheek.   I know the best form of flattery is imitation, but this was almost exactly where my stroke landed on her sweet cheeks.  C tried a photograph of my punished cheeks, but for some reason it didn’t come out too well.  Only explanation was that she didn’t allow time for the redness to fully develop.  I can let that pass, C doesn’t need to be a photographer to perform her duties.

All spankings over  it was time for some big hugs and kisses as I’m going on a business trip for the next two weeks.  She whispered in my ear, “you’re going to get such a spanking when you get back – one minute for every day you’re away”.  “What if I get delayed and it ends up as 3 weeks?”  “I’ll limit it to 20 minutes”, “Actually I’ll limit it to 15 minutes”.

Luckily she will either forget about the entire conversation or get tired and bored after 45 seconds and give up.

I’ve got two or three post ready in the pipeline ready to be automatically published by WordPress.   I won’t be able to check on the blog when I’m gone as typically the only internet is very slow, unreliable and sometimes not even available to me.

Have a good time,



3 comments on “Sunday Morning Spankings

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  2. Hi I think you were a bit easy on C. Once you had her in that position you should have made the punishment fit the crime. Good that she dealt properly with you.
    Bon voyage

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