Effective Spanking Implements

We have a reasonable collection of spanking implements – I think they’re reasonable, but then I don’t know anyone that I can compare with.   The implement collection used to be called the spanky toys, but now most of our implements are purpose built instruments for punishing bare bottoms.

The main implements in the collection are:

  • Mistress Strap
  • Dominator Strap
  • Glasgow Strap
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (M)
  • 2 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • 3 tailed Lochgelly Tawse (H)
  • OTK Dragon Cane
  • Dragon Cane
  • Black Leather Slapper
  • Loopy Johnny
  • Riding Crop

I’ve listed them here in no particular order, just how I remembered and thought of them, however I’m going to put labels on them and categorise them.

Most underused:  C has only used the dominator strap about 3 or 4 times since we purchased it.  It tends to be heavy and she finds it difficult to grip it properly.  The riding crop is also redundant most of the time, however Lady C tends to use it more.

Quietest:  Both the canes and the Loopy Johnny make the least noise both when swishing through the air and on contact. Loopy Johnny is NOT silent.

Loudest: The straps (not tawses) and the slapper tend to make the loudest crack on impact.

Friendliest: From a bottom’s point of view, the black leather slapper is by far the easiest to take.

Scariest looking: The dominator strap and Mistress strap both look hard, heavy and most capable of hurting.

Most harmless looking: Loopy Johnny looks like it is a nice strip of soft fur with a quaint handle.

Minimal Strength: C tends to administer the tawses, straps and canes all well below maximum strength.  The clear winner though would have to be the dragon canes as I think she is still getting used to it.

Maximum Strength: From my perspective, the implements that C uses at or near full strength are the black leather slapper and loopy johnny.  That’s how it feels to me.  I suspect loopy johnny has a lot more in him.

Harshest to take on a cold bottom: Probably the C’s Mistress Strap, however the tawses if they were drawn correctly would probably win.

Easiest to take on a cold bottom: Probably none of the above. The short dragon cane is probably going to win, however it has probably never been used anywhere nears its potential.

Most ineffective on a spanked bottom: The black leather slapper tends to become almost like a massage after having a hot bot.

Most effective for quick fire: The black leather slapper’s weight, length and flexibility makes it easiest to use for a 2 minute quick fire round of slaps.  Lady C has used this technique with me bent over whilst gripping my head between her thighs and spanking down the bottom cheeks.

Most sex toy like: Again the black leather slapper wins this category and looks most like something you can pick up in a sex shop.

Most professional looking: I think the tawses and in particular the 3H looks the most professional looking.  The Mistress strap is worthy of a mention too.

Most likely to welt and weal: Cane

Most likely to bruise: Loopy Johnny in a small number of times it has been used has always produced small bruises due to the lumpy nature of its construction.

The overall potentially harshest implement: A very difficult one to judge, but the 3H tawse, the dragon cane, dominator strap and Mistress Strap are all contenders.  The tawse because of its length can reach a greater spanking speed, the dominator strap because of its weight, the Mistress Strap and dominator strap both have a large surface area and the dragon cane because of its ability to cut.   Even though I’ve been at the receiving end of the dominator strap the least of all the implements I think it has the greatest potential.

The one C is most likely to use at the next spanking: A few months ago this would have been the Mistress Strap, but now she favours Loopy Johnny too. What I write on this page may influence it, but I suspect its going to be her Mistress Strap.

However there is one major flaw in all this discussion.  C is the one that wields these weapons and her alone knows how much she puts into each stroke.   Overall I know the one she likes the best is her Mistress Strap as she is comfortable in using it safely with measured strokes.  It is the one most likely that she will use harder and continue to be confident with.  She still is getting used to Loopy Johnny and the canes, and I expect they are going to be used a lot more in the future at increasing strength and strokes.

What implements do you have in your collection and what do you think the hardest is?

For the sake of my botty, please don’t select every implement!

One of these days, C is going to roll her sleeves up, flex these arm muscles, take a firm stance and let rip.  I though it was going to be Tuesday past, but that turned out quite well for me.

2 comments on “Effective Spanking Implements

  1. Quite a collection you have there. We have most of these in one form or another and they are all used to good effect. Nice blog you have. I only discovered it recently.
    Best wishes – hope you get a good thrashing soon.

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