Hot Bot x 2

A was determined to spank my bottom for failing to enforce the contract fully over the past weeks. He got his wish today! My cheeks have been reddened for the first time in ages. They will not be getting that kind of treatment again if I can help it.

My preference is as giver of spankings I really do not like being on the recieving end of the various implements we possess. The only thing I can take pleasure in is the fact that I was able to give a good spanking to A first.

I started him off with a warm up with the hairbrush, a great item for all serious spankers. This is something that can go anywhere with you! Gives a lovely base for the later strokes from the bitch strap and the cane! Made sure that A’s bum was well heated up and the skin was tight and engorged before striking with the cane. This gives his skin some defence against the cane cutting in too much, I want visible results but no scarring. You end up waiting  too long for it to heal.

A was happy to have had his bum spanked, and happy to have given me a reminder of what I should be doing. He really does need the discipline, left to his own devices he would not remember to do anything but work!

As he has said, we have a lot more to get through now and I must keep him on the straight and narrow!


5 comments on “Hot Bot x 2

  1. Andrew, thanks for stopping bye. C’s is not a great fan of long straps. She finds them difficult to use effectively and that’s probably a good thing for me. If she ever manages to start using some of the tawses correctly then it’ll be far worse than her beloved Mistress strap. She really likes it as it is very easy to use and makes a very satisfying crack against my bare bum and knows that it’s gets my attention from the first stroke.

  2. C is such a natural disciplinarian, she will always be doing much more giving than receiving…. I think she might consider buying a few more belts, longer and wider than the type she would use to decorate her jeans.

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