We had one of our long discussions about solving the world – ok, it was only our world – last night.  Where we see our relationship, how domestic discipline is going to get us where we want to be and how this contract we have for the next five years is going to be workable.

One of the things we discussed was what happens if something is not done – is it automatically punishable. The answer is no – here’s an example.  If I’m away on a business trip on the day that the bins should be taken out to the street, then I shouldn’t be punished.  However if it can be taken out the night before, then it should be done.  A different example is if one of us knows that we should be doing something for us or the house and an unforseen event will prevent – note present tense – us from completing it, then we should call/text/email/say/inform that we’re it should be rescheduled.  That’s just good manners.  Its making the difference to care and be thoughtfull against being lazy and not bothering.

Other expectations include tasks that don’t necessary need to be done on a particular day.  They may be able to be done a day earlier or a day or two later. If they can’t be done because we’re too busy watching TV or drinking beer in the pub then that’s punishable.

Tonight we’re going out and staying over in a city centre hotel.  I’ll be meeting C at the hotel as she works not far from it.  C has to work again tomorrow morning, so in the overnight bag that I’ll take to town will be a emergency set of implements.   My expectations is that we shouldn’t need to use them, however based on our past history we will probably stay up too late and end up drinking far later than we should.  Therefore my plan is that we generate some temporary rules/guidelines that only apply for tonight.  That way we should avoid the morning after thoughts about what we shouldn’t have done and caused any friction between us.

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