Nearly A Month

It’s getting to the end of the month and the end of our one month experiment into domestic discipline.   The last week has had some ups and downs.  Lady C had been getting lax with the whole thing and not really putting her heart into the reviews, goals settings or the discipline.

We had a chat about it all and I explained my motives and she has agreed to continue for now and give it a chance.  As luck would have it during the discussions she managed to find something that she thought I should be punished for.

Punished commenced early the next morning – we avoid doing such things after consuming alcohol as it affects the aim and dulls the pain.  Lady C selected her favourite implement, the Mistress Strap, and after getting my bottom into a prominent position proceded to deliver twelve hard strokes.  Twelve strokes for having a single beer at lunchtime.   Last time I only got 1 stroke for having three pints.   Afterwards during the cuddle and hugs she admitted that she’s finding it easier to punish me and that punishments will be getting harder.

My thoughts are that domestic discipline is a good thing for us and the improvements we’ve made in our lives in the last month is proof of that.  We’ve set time aside to plan for our long term goals and well as plan for the coming week – both of which we have been guilty of avoiding. If the makers of Filofax knew what we kept in ours the would have a shock.  We’ve got forms for our Do’s and Don’ts, a pub permission slip and a punishment notificiation slip.   The other good thing that has come out of this is that we can neatly separate spankings from our sex life and not let the two become a confusing tangle.

All in all I am confortable getting punished when our plan goes off the rails and I like the closeness that I have with my partner C.  I can’t see why we would ever want to stop living this lifestyle and look forward to many happy years with a warmth in my heart and a glow in my rear.


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