In a previous post I mentioned the schedule of authorised punishments.  In this series of posts I will introduce the various implements.   Lady C will issue punishments with the following implements:

  • Two tailed medium Lochgelly Tawse
  • Two tailed heavy Lochgelly Tawse
  • Three tailed heavy Lochgelly Tawse
  • Heavy Glasgow Tawse
  • Mistress Strap
  • Dominator Strap
  • Cane
  • Humbler
  • CB6000 Chastity Device

All these implements deserve their own post and I intent to do so.   It will probably after I’ve been on the receiving end of them and they’re fresh in my mind.

The tawses are all genuine Lochgelly tawses and were acquired from an antique shop.  The Glasgow Strap is a modern copy from a current commercial supplier. The Mistress and Dominator Straps both are short straps and again are commercially available on the web.  The Cane is straight from Ann Summers on the High Street.  The Humbler I made myself.  The CB6000 is freely available on many supplier’s web sites in the UK and worldwide.

Of these, I think the 3 tailed Lochgelly is the most severe, with the Dominator a close second. The Glasgow Strap and two tailed tawses are probably slightly more severe than the Mistress Strap, but because its shorter and easier to handle Lady C tends to put more into the strokes.   We very rarely use the cane, however Lady C did mention that fact a couple of nights ago, watch for updates.

The Humbler forces the wearer into a kneeling position by a pulling the balls into it from behind.  All you can do is kneel and be humble with your balls in a very exposed position.  Usually Lady C will give a slap or two enough to make me jump.  A cruel side effect of the Humbler is that it exposes more than normal of the tender underside of the cheeks and any spanking, strapping or tawsing is so much more effective.

The CB6000 is ruthlessly effecient at preventing an erection.  Once it is on and locked in position you cannot touch your cock and masturbation or intercouse is completely out of the question and you are completely at the mercy of your key holder.  This is not a good time to be cheeky.

Over the next few weeks I will get post about each implement in turn.

Detailed information about these can be found here Implements


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