The Contract

Here’s the content of our contract, feel free to use any or all of it without restriction.

Domestic Discipline Contract – Amendment 1


Contract between ********** hereafter called Lady C and ********* hereafter called slave A.

This contract has been drawn up to restore Lady C to get correct standing within the relationship as superior and dominant person and ensure that She is does not feel “used”, “like a cleaner” or any other negative feeling.


Initial validity of this contract was for the month of October 2011.  This has now been extended for a further month at Lady C’s  wish and is now also valid for the period 1st November 2011 to 30 November 2011.

Domestic Duties

Slave A will perform domestic duties as directed by Lady C and perform them to the best of his ability with good grace and in a timely manner.   Activities will include shopping, cooking, dishes, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and vacuuming and anything else Lady C deems necessary for the successful running of the household.  Failure in completing any task or performing in a substandard or sloppy manner will result in discipline.

Social, Moral and Spiritual Duties

In addition to the domestic duties, slave A will also attend to Lady C’s social and other spiritual needs as She sees fit.   This can include removing Her shoes, taking Her jacket and fetching things. Slave A will attend to any of Lady C’s requirements at once and ahead of any of his own.   In particular, slave A will not goto the pub without prior permission from Lady C.  Lady C may request attention by the slightest of gestures including snapping of her fingers and pointing.  Failure in any of these area will also result in discipline.

Needs will also include Lady C’s sexual needs and require slave A to give her sexual pleasure when She desires it.  This does not imply that slave A will be allowed pleasure. Slave A will only be allowed sexual pleasure at Lady C’s discretion and only if She is present.   She may enforce this by use of hand restraints, chastity devices.


Lady C’s word is final and she will decide on any dispute arising from ambiguous or contradiction within this contract.  She can also add additional rules.


Lady C will issue slave with a set of tasks that She has prepared in a Todo list in Her Filofax.


Discipline will be administered at the earliest opportunity.  This may require slave to come home at lunchtime on Lady C’s day off to be punished.  In addition to on the spot discipline, a weekly punishment will also be administered.  This punishment will take account of the type and frequency of all transgressions of the previous week.

Types of punishments include one or more of the following: severe spanking on bare bottom; kick/punch/slap/squeeze slave’s testicles; locked in chastity device; put in humbler.  This list is not exhaustive and Lady C may include any suitable punishment as She sees fit.

Lady C shall decide on the severity and duration of the punishment.  She may decide to increase the punishment should She deem that more is necessary.  This may be for forgetting to thank Lady C, getting up before She has finished, miscounting strokes, cursing, or being in a position that made the punishment ineffective.   Punishments will be harsh and will cause slave A discomfort.

Punishments will be administered without emotion and to the satisfaction to Lady C.


Towards the end of this contract extension, Lady C shall review this contract and her slave’s performance with an option to extend this contract.


Lady C:

I Lady C have read and understood the content and spirit of this contract and hereby agree to be bound by it and abide by its rules between the dates 1st November 2011 to 30th November 2011.

Signed: Date

slave A belonging to Lady C:

I slave A have read and understood content and spirit of this contract and hereby agree to be bound by it and abide by its rules as well as Lady C’s between the dates 1st November 2011 to 30th November 2011.

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